My father needs to use an old Czech program for calculating the amount of farm slurry that should be put on fields. This program used to run under MS-DOS and relies on the usage of Kamenický encoding. As his company switched to Windows 7, he had to start using DOSBox to run this program. Unfortunately, DOSBox does not support Kamenický encoding out of the box.

The solution is to get ega9.cpx from FreeDOS and to use it with DOSBox. I have extracted ega9.cpx out of the dosemu debian package, but you can also find it on github. Just to be sure, double-check its md5.

$ md5sum ega9.cpx 
e09434873a744eb34f6a398bb219c157  ega9.cpx

Copy ega9.cpx next to the DOS application that needs to be started with Kamenický encoding. After that, create a bat file with the following commands in the same place.

keyb cz 867 ega9.cpx

At the end just tell DOSBox to start the bat file instead of your application.

This will load both the correct keyboard map and the correct fonts. This is a cleaner solution than using KEYB_CS.COM and VEGA_CS.COM, which only worked partially for me under DOSBox.

Here are couple of keywords in the Czech language, so people will also find this post when Googling in Czech: dosbox, čeština, kódování, Bratři Kameničtí