Recently I have bought Western Digital MyBook world. I planned to use it for backups over network. SSH access can be easily enabled using MyBook web interface. Rsync version 3.0.2 was already pre-installed on it, so it was an ideal choice. Hard links are used for keeping multiple snapshots without wasting disk capacity.

I am using the following two scripts on my PC: - for regular backup.


rsync -axve 'ssh -c arcfour -m hmac-md5-96' --delete --link-dest=../root.1/ \
  / root@MyBookWorldIP:'`/DataVolume/RadekBackup/`' - for case backup was interrupted during copying files and it needs to be resumed.


rsync -axve 'ssh -c arcfour -m hmac-md5-96' --delete --link-dest=../root.1/ \
  / root@MyBookWorldIP:/DataVolume/RadekBackup/root.0/

The third script is located on the MyBook in /DataVolume/RadekBackup/


rm -rf /DataVolume/RadekBackup/root.3
mv /DataVolume/RadekBackup/root.2 /DataVolume/RadekBackup/root.3
mv /DataVolume/RadekBackup/root.1 /DataVolume/RadekBackup/root.2
mv /DataVolume/RadekBackup/root.0 /DataVolume/RadekBackup/root.1

echo /DataVolume/RadekBackup/root.0/